Sound Stewardship
Engagement in stewardship activities
This indicator is a measure of the extent to which Puget Sound residents engage in environmental stewardship activities that they perceive as meaningful to themselves, their community, and the environment. Because of the importance of intrinsic motivation to sustaining behaviors and overall human wellbeing, it also provides a measure of the degree to which engagement in stewardship activities contributes to wellbeing.
Engagement in stewardship activities
By: Response
Percentages of respondents who answered in each category, from 'Frequently (almost every day)' to 'Never', by question.

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • The mean index response is 3.47, equating to a mean midway between “occasional (once a month)” and “regular (once a week)” frequency.
  • About 25% of the population stated they engage in stewardship activities frequently (almost every day).
  • Respondents from San Juan, Whatcom, and Clallam counties tended to engage in stewardship activities more frequently relative to those around them. Respondents from Skagit County tended to engage in stewardship activities less frequently than those around them.

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Oregon State University Human Dimensions Lab

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