Cultural Wellbeing
Participation in cultural practices
The participation in cultural practices indicator describes Puget Sound residents’ satisfaction in regards to their participation in cultural practices. “Cultural practices” addresses a range of practices linked to the natural environment, including recreational, civic, and social activities, as well as tribal cultural practices related to natural resources.
Participation in cultural practices
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Respondents were asked to rank their satisfaction levels in regard to their participation in four categories of cultural activities or traditions using a scale of 'Dissatisfied' (1) to 'Satisfied' (5) or 'I do not engage in this activity or tradition'.

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • People that do engage in cultural practices ranked their satisfaction levels in regard to their participation in cultural activities or traditions. These respondents were largely satisfied with or neutral (neither satisfied nor dissatisfied) on their ability to participate in environmentally-related cultural practices.
  • Individuals in Kitsap County were generally more satisfied with their opportunities for cultural practices, while people in Mason County were on average less satisfied.
  • Participation in cultural practices was higher for the purposive Latinx sample than both the Latinx and non-Latinx general survey respondents. However, satisfaction levels overall were similar between the different samples.

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No targets are currently set for this indicator.

Data Source

Oregon State University Human Dimensions Lab

Vital Signs Survey Summary Report 2020

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