Cultural Wellbeing
Participation in cultural practices

This indicator describes Puget Sound residents’ satisfaction in regards to their participation in cultural practices. “Cultural practices” addresses a range of practices linked to the natural environment, including recreational, civic, and social activities, as well as tribal cultural practices related to natural resources.

Participation in cultural practices

Index of mean responses to satisfaction with cultural practices engagement on a five-point scale (where 1 is dissatisfied and 5 is satisfied). 

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • 63 percent of survey respondents participated in one or several types of cultural activities. 
  • 3.81 was the average response in 2022, which equates to participants feeling “somewhat satisfied” with their level of participation in cultural activities on a five-point scale.
  • Environmental activities that focused on social interaction were the most commonly practiced cultural activities. See Interpretation of Results for more information.
  • While the mean satisfaction result was statistically different in 2022 than 2020, the number equates to the same category of satisfaction.

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No targets are currently set for this indicator.

Data Source

Oregon State University Human Dimensions Lab

Human Wellbeing Vital Signs Survey 2022 Summary Report

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