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Psychological Wellbeing Index
The Psychological Wellbeing Index measures the percent of Puget Sound residents who experience inspiration and stress reduction while in nature. This index will help us understand whether the natural environment contributes to the psychological dimensions of human wellbeing.
Psychological Wellbeing Index
By: Response
Percentages of respondents who answered in each category, from 'Frequently (Almost every day)' to 'Never', by question.

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • The majority (65%) of respondents reported regularly experiencing stress reduction and inspiration while in Puget Sound natural environments.
  • Respondents from San Juan, Whatcom, Island, and Jefferson counties tended to experience psychological benefits from nature more frequently relative to those around them. Respondents from Snohomish, King, Pierce and Thurston counties tended to experience these benefits less frequently than those around them.
  • People who were more likely to experience psychological benefits from Puget Sound environments were female, from rural areas, with more formal education, and older.

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Oregon State University Human Dimensions Lab

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