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Overall life satisfaction

This indicator measures the level of life satisfaction that residents in Puget Sound perceive. The overall life satisfaction indicator will enable better understanding of how trends in environmental health or recovery efforts are affecting overall human wellbeing.

Overall life satisfaction

Mean level of Life Satisfaction on a five-point scale (where 1 is dissatisfied and 5 is satisfied).

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • We measure Life Satisfaction using a standardized question that asks people how satisfied they are with their life.
  • The mean Life Satisfaction of the Puget Sound population is close to 'satisfied' at an average 4.4 on a five-point scale. This is slightly higher than other regions of the United States, according to the World Happiness Report.

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No targets are currently set for this indicator.

Data Source

Oregon State University Human Dimensions Lab

Human Wellbeing Vital Signs Survey 2022 Summary Report

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