Outdoor Activity
Nature-based work
This indicator tracks stated participation in occupations based in natural environments in the Puget Sound, such as commercial or charter fishing, farming, forestry, habitat restoration, or outdoor-recreation jobs.
Nature-based work

Percentage of respondents in 2022 who answered 'Yes' (orange) and 'No' (blue) to the question: Does your work involve spending time in natural environments?

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • Nearly 14 percent of respondents said their work involved time outdoors.
  • Of those, 50 percent worked more than 10 hours per week outdoors. See Interpretation of Results for more information.
  • There were no significant differences in time spent working outdoors since 2018.

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No targets are currently set for this indicator.

Data Source

Oregon State University Human Dimensions Lab

Human Wellbeing Vital Signs Survey 2022 Summary Report

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