Good Governance
Good Governance Index
The Good Governance Index tells us how Puget Sound residents perceive the way decisions are made regarding management of the natural environment. The index is made up of 5 different indicators. The indicators offer insights for improving our overall decision-making processes, strengthening communication strategies, and strengthening the engagement of our partners and citizenry.
Good Governance Index
By: Response
Respondents were asked to rate their agreement or disagreement with seven questions about governance of natural resources on a seven-point scale from ‘Strongly Disagree’ (1) to ‘Strongly Agree’ (7).

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • The mean response to the seven questions on Puget Sound environmental governance was 'neutral'. This was true for both the random sample and the purposive Latinx sample.
  • Respondents from Snohomish county had on average less favorable perceptions of environmental governance relative to other Puget Sound counties. 

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No targets are currently set for this indicator.

Data Source

Oregon State University Human Dimensions Lab

Vital Signs Survey Summary Report 2020

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