Restoration of floodplains
The restoration of floodplains indicator tracks the number and acreage of activities that improve floodplain connectivity and or natural land cover in the 17 major river floodplains in Puget Sound. Activity outcomes may include full restoration of floodplain function or improvement of floodplain function through partial restoration, such as a levee breach or lowering resulting in limited floodplain connectivity with the river.
Restoration of floodplains
By: Floodplain Restoration
Estimated acres of floodplain restored or improved in Puget Sound's 17 major river floodplains by year. The bars indicate cumulative acres restored and the purple line denotes restoration acres per year beginning in 2011.

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • Though the indicator is making gains, the target of restoring floodplain function to 42,386 acres (15 percent of functionally-impaired floodplains) by 2020 was far from met, but progress continues.
  • Between 2011 and 2020, an estimated 179 floodplain improvement projects have been completed to improve or restore 9,550 acres (15 square miles) in Puget Sound's 17 major river floodplains.
  • Project list - https://pspwa.box.com/s/ko1d3ja229ft56dg41gtt2lco9nbh6oj

Contributing Partners

Recovery Target

By 2020, restore, or have projects underway to restore, 15 percent of degraded Puget Sound floodplain area.

Data Source

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office’s Project Information System (PRISM) and partner personal communication.

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