Area of estuarine wetlands restored to tidal flooding
This indicator tracks the annual area of estuarine wetlands restored to tidal flooding in Puget Sound's 16 large river deltas. The recovery of estuarine wetlands through the full reconnection of tidal flows is directly tied to the provision of ecosystem services, and produces immediate benefits to estuary dependent organisms like juvenile salmon.
Area of estuarine wetlands restored to tidal flooding
By: Area Restored
Surface area (acres) of estuarine wetland restored to full tidal flooding in Puget Sound large river deltas by year. Purple line shows cumulative acres restored beginning in 2006.

Key Vital Sign Indicator Results

  • There has been incremental progress in restoring river estuaries in Puget Sound since 2006. However, this indicator is behind expectations for restoration in certain areas.
  • Using the new, standardized method to delineate the extent of estuary restoration, approximately 3,430 acres, or about 46 percent of the 2020 target, of estuarine river delta wetlands were restored to tidal flooding between 2006 and 2020.
  • In 2019, the Leque Island Estuary Restoration Project restored 250 acres of tidal marsh habitat in the Stillaguamish River delta. No projects to restore tidal inundation were completed in 2020 in Puget Sound's large river deltas. 

Contributing Partners

Recovery Target

By 2020, restore 7,380 quality acres of estuarine wetlands basin-wide, which is 20% of total estimated restoration need.

Data Source

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office’s Project Information System (PRISM)

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